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Some of her works were produced by MerryCreation, LLC, where she serves as a CEO.

If you want to see more details, please access MerryCreation's website (Japanese) from the button below.

In English

Actress for Him (A Musical Song)

"Actress for Him" from Song Cycle Musical "Tokyo  Dictionary".

A song about a girl who loves her ex-boyfriend crazily!

Music by Koya Ichikawa, Original lyrics by Tsukuri Miyano,

Translated and performed by Claire Marshall,

Filmed by Ayumi Ryo, Produced by MerryCreation, LLC

Piece of Bravery(2020)

Conceived and directed by Makiko Shibuya, Video Directed by Shiori Saito


The songs she writes are:

Our Dance(06:19)

Music by Akiha Uryu, Lyrics by Tsukuri Miyano

Mixed by Kentaro Ino

Performed by Sayaka Watabiki, Masato Takeuchi 

Paper Hero(19:16)

Music by Akiha Uryu, Lyrics by Tsukuri Miyano,

Mixed by Kentaro Ino, Performed by Akiha Uryu

"Piece of Bravery" is a work written by ten creators through the WeSongCycle project, where musical creators from six countries around the world come together online to create a song cycle musical. In 2020, amidst restrictions on creativity due to Covid-19, it started as a challenging project using online tools. Mentored by Rob Rokicki and advised by Stafford Arima, Telly Leung, and Mariko Kojima.

In Japanese

Konpeito 1.0(2022)

Musical "Konpeito1.0" is a fictional grand-hotel theme musical about human-made shooting star which actually innovated in Japan recently.

Music by Koya Ichikawa

Book, Lyrics and directed by Tsukuri Miyano

Produced by MerryCreation, LLC

Goodbye Louder(2021)

Musical "Goodbye Louder" is a collection of short stories, including "Rin's Job Hunting", "The Best Way to Die", "You're My Partner", and "My Mom's favourite things". The theme of all stories is life and death.

Music by Koya Ichikawa

Book, Lyrics by Tsukuri Miyano

Produced by MerryCreation, LLC



Musical "Ms"  is a production created by young female creators with funding from the City of Yokohama. It was created with the aim of empowering women in Japan, where gender inequalities remain.

Music by Anju Ikenami

Book, Lyrics by Tsukuri Miyano

Directed by Rino Kumamoto

Produced by Mami Kaminaga

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