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Playwright, Lyricist, Producer, Director, CEO of  MerryCreation,LLC

Tsukuri Miyano is a playwright, lyricist, director, and producer born in Japan in 1995 who specialises in musical theatre. She earned her bachelor's in Vocal Music from Showa University of Music in Japan. During university, she founded a theatrical company named MerryCreation in Japan and incorporated it as a CEO in 2018, producing and writing musicals. She wrote and directed "KONPEITO1.0", "Ms." and "Goodbye Louder". In 2020, she joined the "WeSongCycle" project and wrote "Pieces of Bravery" with creators selected from six countries. In 2023, she was selected for the Japanese Government's Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists and is currently studying for an MA in Musical Theatre at Goldsmiths, University of London.


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